Without credit in this day and age life can be very difficult

I know first hand how it is to have bad credit, I have lived through it all and having Creditors hounding me all day long.  A bad economy that affected my business, credit obligations I couldn’t meet, losing my house and my car, filing for bankruptcy and ended up with a lousy credit report   I wanted to live a normal life again but couldn’t afford to pay the high cost of hiring a Credit Consultant so I set out to learn the special methods they used.     After many hungry nights I gained the expert knowledge to quickly repair my credit and publish my first DIY Credit Repair Manual  In the 20 years since many consumers have successfully used my tested and proven strategies to clean up their credit and put their life back on track. Now It’s Your Turn!     It is easy to procrastinate today but what will you do when the economy turns around and you are not in the position to take advantage of it?

Best Regards

Robert Gordon